"Go all the nations"... short term missions travel to Kenya and serve the people 

Two weeks can change lives, not only for Kenyans but Americans as well

Your luggage is packed getting as close to the allotted weight limit of 50 pounds as possible. You are sitting in the international airport bonding with your team mates, awaitng the first leg of an 8,000 mile journey, Your travel  will take over 24 hours. The next bath and bed that you will come in contact with is 2 full days away.

Welcome to the "Coconut Palms"

The team finally arrive to their "oasis" in central Kenya where Ann, the cook, will make the African experience real! Although the choices are few (the Kenyan meals are always initially savored), but most missionaries revert back to the more traditional American favorites like chips (French fries), stew, and fried chicken as the choice for the evening meal. No one leaves hungry.   

A secure and comfortable room awaits...

Just down the hall is your room for the stay. One can describe it as a Motel 6 hotel in the 1970's ! But it's not bad, however, only awaking to the loud street preaching at 6:30 am can be a bit disturbing. No one leaves sleepless.

Missionaries must be "bold and courageous"

So, you are awakened at 6:30 am, do not lie in Your bed. This time of day is magical at the foot of Mt Kenya. Everyone must, at least once, adventure to the rooftop of the hotel. The view is breath taking. No one leaves uninspired. 

Then, go and do "everything in love" 

Each day on the mission trip is different, full of surprises, challenges, and adventure. Young moms with babies, the kids in VBS, the people living each day searching for hope; one discovers that it's all about God's will, his glory, and the reationships that we make. No one leaves untouched.