Christmas in Kenya 2022

It was a very special season 

We were in Kenya celebrating Christmas and the New Years. We continue to learn more about the young ladies and their stories.  The things that stand out is their dedication to each other and their passion for life. On New Year's day the girls studied Romans 12 and fully understood that they should  commit themselves as a living sacrifice , not conforming to the world but being transformed to God's will that is good, acceptable and perfect. Then everyone enjoyed the chicken, cabbage and rice meal. But Christmas around the bonfire, having "smores" and singing "Silent Night" was the moment to remember!

Our Mission 

Two Burning Candles is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization dedicated to reducing poverty in Kenya through humanitarian assistance programs and teaching financial self-sufficiency.  

We seek to facilitate relationship building between Christ’s believers around the world through various projects.  

Two Burning Candles exists primarily to demonstrate Gods love for all people through serving the poor, oppressed, and elderly.  

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In a time when many choose to give up, others are courageous. The young ladies of Promise Springs choose life. The bond between mother and child is a picture of a deep love and comforting affection.  

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  • Give teenage mothers the opportunity to finish their education while learning the Word of God and how to be mothers
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  • Remove vulnerable girls from dangerous conditions 
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  • Share the gospel in the local community

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