Meet The Girls At

Promise Springs Rescue Center

Milka Njoki

Milka was one of our very first girls at the center in August of 2021. She is 13 years old and is in "class" 8                (primary school).  

She was brought to the center by her sister Mary because she could not be left in her home environment.   

Milka likes to do beadwork. 

She likes netball and any game with a ball.

Her favorite class is Swahili. 

She is very good with the babies at the center and is always willing to help in their care.

Emmy Wanjiru

Emmy was our first total orphan at the center.

She is 11 years old on Nov. 30. She is in Class 5.

Her mother passed away shortly after one of our trips to Kenya in 2022. 

She has a grandmother who already has several grandchildren living with her.

Emmy is very bright, speaks good English, and is fun to be around.

The other children at her grandmother's home were not kind to Emmy so we were asked to help with her. 

Emmy is attending a local boarding school and lives at the center when her school is on break.

Rahab Wambui

Rahab is 18 years old and is in Form 3 (junior).   

Rahab is in boarding school and returns to the center on her breaks.

Her home situation was not safe for her, and so we were asked to help.

Rahab had to wait for the rescue center to open and was happy to join the other young ladies.

Rahab had tested well and secured placement in a good boarding school.

She wants to become a nurse.

Se enjoys playing volleyball.

She went swimming for the 1st time last year while at the center.

Margaret Muthoni

Margaret is 22 years old and is in Form 4 and  graduated this Dec 2023.

She is the mother to Dominic who was 3 years old in April of 2023.

She has expressed a desire to work in fashion and design.

She loves to read the news and keep up with current events. 

She says, "My home stress is gone and I can look after my baby. I got saved here."  

Although Margaret is quiet the girls say that she is a "joker" and a friend to all.

Rosemary Muthoni

Rosemary is 19 years old in Form 4 (Senior)

She is the mother to Julius who is 3 1/2 years old.

Rosemary wants to be an accountant.

She likes to sing... and is a natural leader among the girls. 

Rosemary is very dedicated to her education. When she first came to the center one of the girls received the award for being best in her class... Rosemary announced that she would get that award next time... She did just that.

At present she is #1 in her class!

Julia Wothaya

Julia is 20 years old and has graduated from Polytec school. She have a career as a chef.

She is the mother to Vincent who is 3 years old.

She says "I feel at home working with the preparation of food." 

Julia is currently waited for interviews for her first job as a chief. She was the first of our girls to graduate from a vocational school in late 2023.  

She says, "I want to achieve my goal and am thankful. You provide everything we need."

Elizabeth Loote

Alice Loote

Pauline Loote

Elizabeth 11 years 

Alice 6 years

Pauline 16 years

This family will be staying at the center when they're on break from boarding school. Recently their mother died. Pauline was harvesting aloe and selling it to feed the family. They will be going to Little Lambs Childrens Home. It will be a joy to watch this family grow through the years to come.

Jane Wangui

Jane is 20 years old and has graduated from high school. Presently she is in the first year of nursing school in Nyeri.

She is the mother to Loice who is 3 year old.

Jane works very hard in hers studies and is often found alone somewhere in the center writing notes from her study books.

Jane worries about her family and wants to help her family when she becomes a nurse.

People would say she is serious but is also fun to be around.

Jane is second in her class upon graduation of high school.

Susan Gathoni

Susan is 17 years old in Class 9.

She is the mother of Grace who is 3 1/2 years old and has started her 1st year in primary school.

Susan wants to work in preparation of food.

She loves taking care of her baby.

She is very meek, shy, and soft-spoken but is also willing to pitch in and complete any chore. Susan is always starting up an activity, especially volleyball.

Jane Murugi

24 years old in Form 4 (Senior)

Mother to Melvin (18 mos. old)

She wants to work at catering

She likes to play volleyball

She wants to help her family when she gets a job

People would say that she is loving

Lucy Nyawira

21 years old and a graduated from 4.  (Senior)

Mother of Boniface (3 year old)

She has always dreamed of working with big machines such as earth movers and front end loaders.

In 2023 she attended a raining school in heavy machinery and graduated at the head of her class.

Presently, she and Boniface have moved to Nairobi and "she is living her dream" working as a heavy machine operator. 

She continues to writes poems and sings in her church choir.

People would say she is a natural leader and has a beautiful smile!


Caroline Wangari

17 years old 


In Boarding School and at the center when her schools is on break

Gladys Nyawira

18 years old sophomore

Mother of Zipporah, 10 months old

She would like to work caring for others.

She is a "B+" student 



Josephine Napono

16 years old, freshman

Mother of Ruby, 2 months old

She wants to be a teacher

She scored high on her exams.

Malkia Theresa

18 years old, 

Mother of Ethan, 9 months old

She wants to be an air steward.

She loves music.

                  Sarah Wanjiku

She is 15 years old and lives with her blind mother and 2 brothers. 

The family's income is provided by aloe vera harvesting.

Sarah is a "B" student and one day wishes to work in the medical field.


Idah Karwitha

 She is 18 years old,

mother of Princess Makena, age 7 months.

Idah is in form 3.

Maria Mekede

17 years old,

She is the mother of Delvin, age 11 months.

Maria is in form 1 and is thinking she would like to work as a lab technician.


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