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The Importance of Supporting Teenage Moms and Vulnerable Girls in Kenya

 In many parts of the world women and their children face unimaginable challenges. Poverty leads girls to make decisions that otherwise they would not make to obtain basic needs.  Men and boys make promises that they never intend to keep.  Once girls have made mistakes or have been abused, communities shun them, and they lose all sense of self-value.  Lack of schooling can leave them homeless, destitute, and in constant fear for their safety. Fortunately, there are organizations like Promise Springs Rescue Center (PSRC) in Kenya which provides shelter, support, and spiritual guidance to girls in these situations and their babies. It is a different concept to keep the mother and baby together.  They are usually separated.  PSRC is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013 by a Christian couple, Ken, and Patty Carter. They were concerned about the plight of women in the Kenyan community and so committed themselves to the vision of making a difference to one young mother and her baby at a time. The center also takes in endangered and vulnerable young girls without a secure home environment. All the girls return to either primary or secondary school.  But PSRS doesn’t stop there.  After completion of their secondary education the girls are sent to vocational institutes, or universities so to further their education. They need training that makes it possible for them to get jobs to support themselves and their children.  Over 10 years the center has steadily grown into a complex that consists of two dormitories, an all-purpose hall, an out-door kitchen, and an early childhood development center. Presently 25 moms and 15 babies call Promise Springs their home.  The center is located in a peaceful, rural, and secure environment in the center of Laikipia County, Kenya. It sits just 100 miles west of the majestic Mount Kenya, the second highest peak on the continent of Africa. While providing this safe haven for girls and their children, they are given comprehensive services including medical care, counseling, Christian teaching, and skills training. One of the most important aspects of PSRC is the emphasis on spiritual development. The center recognizes that girls who have experienced violence and abuse need more than just physical and emotional support, they need spiritual healing. The center provides daily devotions, Bible study and counseling sessions. The center’s on-site staff consists of a director, administrator, pastor,  house moms, a nanny and a full-time social worker/counselor. They help the girls rebuild their relationships with God while developing their talents and skills so that they can become self-sufficient and independent, eventually returning to their communities. PSRC relies on donations to continue their work. In the near future the plan is to grow and house 40 young girls and their babies. Each donation can be a big difference in the lives of these women. The smallest of contributions can help provide food, shelter, medical care, and spiritual guidance for those who need it the most. Please read more on this site. Please share your e-mail so that we can update you on activities at the center. We are passionate about this mission in Kenya and would love to have you come along side us as we together “encourage others to dream and work to make those dreams come true!”

Our Mission 

Two Burning Candles is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization dedicated to reducing poverty in Kenya through humanitarian assistance programs and teaching financial self-sufficiency.  

We seek to facilitate relationship building between Christ’s believers around the world through various projects.  

Two Burning Candles exists primarily to demonstrate Gods love for all people through serving the poor, oppressed, and elderly.  

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In a time when many choose to give up, others are courageous. The young ladies of Promise Springs choose life. The bond between mother and child is a picture of a deep love and comforting affection.  

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  • Give teenage mothers the opportunity to finish their education while learning the Word of God and how to be mothers
  • Give babies a safe place in which to grow
  • Remove vulnerable girls from dangerous conditions 
  • Sustain a farm which provides jobs and  feeds the girls and babies 
  • Share the gospel in the local community

100% of your donations fund the mission.